Kevin was born in Kent and joined the Royal Engineers at 16. He travelled extensively, including to Kenya, The Falklands, Cyprus, Germany and Belize, working for the British Army and the United Nations for eight years. On leaving the military, Kevin worked his way through university, gaining a Law degree, then going on to become a barrister-at-law. After earning a prestigious scholarship and passing the bar, he was offered a lecturing position at his old university, which he took up, saying ‘the clients are much nicer’.

Tina was born in London to Scottish parents. She studied business and marketing, then worked in marketing for private and commercial banks in the City of London, with some traveling to Australia & the far east in between. She later gained a degree in Law at Kevin’s university (where they met 15 years ago), but then decided on a teaching career and retrained again.  She taught post 16 students business in a secondary school and a college in Kent and was a school governor. She's also a qualified interior designer. 

Kevin & Tina bought a holiday home in Bulgaria around twelve years ago and visited every year. Believing in their mantra ‘jump and a net will appear’, they decided to give up the rat race and try a new life.  Cottage Farm is the result.

Since starting Cottage Farm, Kevin and Tina have featured regularly in national and international TV, press and radio and have been guest chefs for Bacchus magazine.

COTTAGE FARM ALINO is our self-sustaining small-holding in Alino in beautiful rural Bulgaria, overlooking the Rila Mountains.  We set up the farm in 2013, rebuilding the farm house in traditional style and replanting the land. We now grow our own vegetables, fruit and livestock. We follow organic principles and use no artificial fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides.


And just where is Cottage Farm? Alino, Bulgaria, which is only 45 km South of Sofia: