Cottage Farm Spring


Come and join us for a spring afternoon a the farm. Meet the animals, see the gardens and the delicious produce we will be growing this year. Each weekend we are running events where you can meet the animals and enjoy a tasty farmhouse lunch in our comfortable and relaxing cottage. Or we can arrange private events on weekdays if you would like to come in a group (minimum of 6). Get your farm clothes ready! 

We grow everything completely chemical-free and do all the work by hand ourselves - that’s why it all grows so well: it’s grown with love! If you fancy trying a bit of gardening, we’re always grateful for help too!

Message us for all the details of the event - use the ‘contact form’ at the bottom of the page! Booking is essential.

Available dates are:

Saturday 25th May

Saturday 1st June

Weekend 8/9th June - CLOSED