4th Anniversary Party - 24th May 2015


We have been living in Bulgaria for four years now – it hardly seems possible. It is also one year since we started selling our produce at the Farmers’ Market in Sofia. So, to celebrate these momentous occasions, we held a party here at the farm. Of course, as is always the case, despite our inviting everyone at least two weeks before the party, we were belatedly informed of additional market events the same week! This meant hasty prep, cleaning and tidying and Kevin sorting out the hog roast on the Saturday night before the party, after we had both worked at a market each! Despite having to do the preparation in the dark towards the end, he did a fabulous job and everything was ready on time.

We had a wonderful turnout of great friends joining us to celebrate, with home-grown Cottage Farm pork, salads, home- made bread and accompaniments. We have met some great people here, of all ages, from different countries and from all walks of life (even someone from our old town of Faversham, who we never met when we lived there! It’s a small world!) and it has been a great privilege to do so. We have learned so much in our four years’ here and much of that is down to our lovely friends. Here’s to the next party!