DFL (Down From London)

We used to live in Kent , the county just below London and years ago, Whitstable, a small seaside town near us was a grey, depressing kind of a place. Now you can barely move for Porches with Knightsbridge and Islington parking badges and people called Tarquin and Camilla skipping up and down the road looking for the deli to restock their lobster fridges. The DFLs have arrived! Whitstable is the closest Kentish seaside resort to London and the weekenders discovered it. Thanks in no small part to their input, and lots of work by the locals, Whitstable is now a pretty place, full of lovely bistros, boutiques and some good hotels and B&Bs and is a real pleasure to visit.

Since we have lived here, we have often thought about the proximity of this beautiful area, surrounded by mountains and countryside, to Sofia. And now it would seem the DFSs (Down From Sofia?!) are considering this area as an ideal getaway, that’s not too far from the city. An estate agent friend of ours informs us that she sold a house here this week to someone who knows us from the market and several of our customers have expressed an interest in buying weekend houses here. That’s fantastic! I don’t think there’s much potential for boutiques or bistros here in Alino, but we have beautiful countryside, Belchin Bani, Tsari Mali Grad, Borovets  and Lake Iskar are close and perhaps we can accommodate some visitors in the future and feed them some delicious goodies from the farm! Is this the beginning of the commuter belt proliferation we experienced in the UK? Either way, it will be fantastic to see new life being breathed into the village.