Kapana Fest - Plovdiv

We were invited to attend Kapana Fest in Plovdiv last weekend. We spent the week before frantically cooking and labelling to ensure we had enough stock and enlisted our friend, Irina, to help with sales. Another friend, Paul, came along for the ride. The road trip was fun, including the singing of Scottish songs by Paul and we had a great result with parking and a lovely little hotel right where we needed to be in Kapana. We were warmly welcomed by the organisers.
We knew it would be a good weekend! 

It was a fantastic three day festival of food, crafts, music and culture and the weather was just perfect. It's a good few years since we've been to Plovdiv and it has changed so much - we just love the boho feel and the proliferation of creativity in the city. The magnificent Roman ruins have been beautifully preserved and presented and the old streets and buildings are so pretty. 

Our products were well received and we had great fun meeting lots of new people during the day. In the evening we met up for dinner and taking in the amazing atmosphere of the city, which was full of people of all ages enjoying the music, food and wonderful temperatures. We all had a fantastic time, it was genuinely tremendous fun - thanks PLOVeDIV, we'll be back!