TV – The Aftermath!

We were featured on BNT1’s ‘отьлизо с мира’ in a two-part segment on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July (you can see it via the links under the photographs to the right). The filming took place at the end of May and was great fun - the team filming, editing and presenting the piece were great company and we really enjoyed it. It was a real pleasure to share the farm and our reasons for moving here and we were quite happy with the result (although it was a little embarrassing to watch!) We have had a positive response so far and it has been really surprising how many people have commented on it, in the feed-store, the bank, our local pizza restaurant to name but a few!

However, we have been caught out several times! Our family were highly amused by Kevin’s comment that we ‘never have a cross word’! Ok, ok, we RARELY have a cross word! Yesterday we went to the supermarket, we can’t grow everything we need here on the farm – rice, tea, coffee etc., but we were spotted buying chicken! The staff member nearby said, ‘I thought you only ate clean food!’ (she obviously didn’t much rate the supermarket fare either!) Oh, the shame! We rear our chickens for eggs only, meat chickens are different breeds and require different conditions. If you’ve ever eaten chicken that was a laying hen, you’ll recognize the difference! So I’ll come clean, like most people, we do buy some food from the shops, particularly when we are having a lot of people to stay, as we have this week, with four workawayers coming to help us out on the farm. However, the vast majority of our food is home-reared, home-grown and more healthy and delicious for it! Rest assured, we will all be tucking into Cottage Farm pork, eggs, cheese, fruit, vegetables and salad, with only the odd ‘dodgy’ chicken!