We Love What You’ve Done with the Place, Flo!

So last time, I mentioned that Flo, our breeding sow was looking very and unexpectedly pregnant. Bearing in mind the delivery of goat kids up on the pasture the previous week, we were keeping a close eye out for signs of imminent labour. In pigs, this is usually preceded by the building of a cosy nest of straw in the sleeping quarters of the pig house. Flo likes to arrange a little straw trough to lie in and then she tweaks the surrounding straw to her liking. 

She started this process last Friday evening, so we checked on her periodically. On one of these inspections, we noticed that both her big food and water buckets were inside with her developing nest. As they are quite large, we moved them out so that she had more space. On a later check, she had taken them back in! They were clearly an integral design feature which we obviously just didn’t appreciate due our woeful lack of understanding of porcine interior design trends!

Suffice to say, as soon as we stopped moving her furniture around, she settled down and had the babies early on Saturday morning – ten little piggies- how joyful!