Burns' Supper

We held our Burns' Supper on January 23rd, just as the snow was falling and it was -23 here in Alino! However, our intrepid guests made it to the farm and we fed them a delicious traditional menu of CockaLeekie Soup, Our own haggis, made with our own home-reared meat, neeps and tatties, finished with Clootie Dumpling and whisky sauce. The food was just right for the freezing temperatures; real 'stick to your ribs' stuff! 

The delivery the week before of our first two goat kids of 2016 was a big hit with the children, along with our beautiful Fox Terrier puppies. In fact, I don't think they would have eaten at all, in between playing with the pups, if it wasn't for their parents' great skills of persuasion!