Plovdiv and Villa Yustina

We celebrated our wedding anniversary this week with a stay in beautiful Plovdiv and a visit to the excellent Villa Yustina winery near the city. It was wonderful to visit as a tourist (we sometimes work in Plovdiv at events) in the gorgeous sunshine (it was raining here in the mountains when we left!). 

The winery was an inspiration and the staff were so welcoming and helpful, providing an interesting and knowledgeable tour of the winery and the processes involved in the production of their delicious wine. We enjoyed a tasting of a lovely, fresh white blend (the description of 'wet stones' was perfect); the Four Seasons range Spring white and the wonderful, deep, smokey and complex Monogram red. Well, we had to treat ourselves to a few bottles as an anniversary present to ourselves! We couldn't recommend Villa Yustina highly enough, so if you're in the region, pay them a visit, you'll love it!